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There are a wide variety of wood and composite materials that are used to deliver specific functional properties and ‘feel’ to the end consumer. However, these materials require bonding agents which are versatile and can be used for multiple applications. To provide our customers with the best possible solutions, we have developed a range of products to cater to their requirements. Our shop floor is always buzzing with innovation, and we strive to consistently add newer products to our portfolio. Currently our major offerings are as follows:

Product Name Grade/Application Key Advantages
Wood Plus Lotus D3 grade High water resistance
Wood Plus Premium D2 grade Work-horse of the industry
Wood Plus Classic D2 grade Economical grade
Texobond 1050 Hot Press – Cold Press Free from plasticizer & other migratory chemicals
Texobond MP Membrane Press High coverage for spray application
Texobond MP-Eco Membrane Press Compatible with isocyanate hardeners
Texobond 1076 Acrylic sheet bonding Strong bonding for low energy surfaces
Wood Plus PVC PVC lamination High tensile & cohesive strength
Wood Plus Ultima D4 grade Excellent water & heat resistance
Wood Plus Excel D4 grade Foam free adhesive
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