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The final appearance and features of leather are determined by the treatments that the leather undergoes during its processing stages. Polymeric emulsions form an integral part of leather processing, to enhance the feel, texture, appearance, stability, and performance of the material. Our offerings include a range of products that cater to the leather industry’s polymer demand. These products are specially formulated to suit different kinds of leathers used for multiple applications.

Product Name % solids Primary Application Key Advantages
Texcryl SF-63 36 ± 2 Soft Binder Excellent cold crack resistance & less discoloration
Texcryl 55 37 ± 2 Medium Soft Binder Fine particle size, good plate and release properties
Texcryl MD-41 39 ± 1 Medium Soft Binder High elasticity and toughness; good print retention
Texcryl RE-25 24 ± 2 Impregnation Soft Binder Improves scuff resistance, break value & cutting value
Texcryl L-17 22 ± 2 Impregnation Soft Binder Micro emulsion enabling excellent penetration
Texcryl LM-20 24 ± 2 Aniline and semi aniline finishing Forms a soft and stretchy/elastic film
Texotan 40 37 ± 2 Acrylic Syntan Excellent bleaching property and light fastness
Texotan LMX 39 ± 1 Pore filler Rich with leather affinic groups promoting bindings
Texcompact 61 34 ± 2 Compact Binder Produces filled finishes and masks minor defects
Texfin C-6 15 ± 1 Wax Emulsion Improves handle and piling properties of finished leather
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