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Textile processing is best described as an industrial art, having a long history and an assured future. With rise in consumption and fashion, the demand for a variety of chemicals used in textile processing has witnessed a steady growth. Our offerings include polymeric binders and adhesives which cater fully to this rising demand. These products are unique in themselves and have been optimized over the last thirty years for perfect execution through constant research and innovation. We understand the dynamism of this industry and our solutions are geared towards excellence in performance.

Product Name % solids Primary Application Key Advantages
Texcryl Binder S-3K 29 ± 1 Pigment Printing Binder Economical grade
Texcryl 4000 41 ± 1 Pigment Printing Binder Provides soft film for cotton and viscose material
Texcryl Eco-36 36 ± 1 Pigment Printing Binder APEO/NPEO free with excellent fastness properties
Texcryl T-70 40 ± 1 Pigment Printing Binder Very soft & smooth handle, excellent wash & rub fastness
Texcryl GB 24 ± 1 Gold & Silver Binder High brightness and provide soft handle
Texcryl ZB 24 ± 1 Zari Binder Easy to apply and provide soft finish
Texcryl FL-94 32 ± 1 Flock Binder Popular for khadi printing with self crosslinking
Texcryl S-42 41 ± 1 Fabric glue Clear and glossy adhesive for decorative stones
Texcryl RSF 40 ± 1 Rhine Stone Adhesive Heat activated adhesive for rhinestones
Texcryl MB 40 ± 1 Fabric Stiffener Increases grain effect and provides weight to the fabric
Texcryl BKC 46 ± 1 Carpet Back coating Binder Superior mechanical & thermal stability
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