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Our paint & construction chemicals are a product of acute attention to detail and precision, and as much meticulous planning as we put into the building of our homes. Our edge lies in the fact that besides possessing the expertise required for paint formulation, we also manufacture its major components, allowing us to optimize the final performance properties based on specific requirements.

Binder % solids Type Key Advantages
Texcryl PB-155 50 ± 2 Styrene Acrylic emulsion Economical grade
Texcryl P-82 50 ± 2 Pure Acrylic emulsion Excellent weathering resistance
Texcryl M-59 49 ± 2 Direct-to-metal (DTM) emulsion Strong adhesion and high corrosion resistance
Texcryl TC-400 54 ± 2 Waterproofing coating Provides both flexibility and water resistance
Texcryl TC-76 47 ± 1 Cement modifier, Polymer seal coat Superior flexural, compressive, adhesive and impact strength
Texcryl CLW 15 ± 1 Liquid Waterproofing compound Strong contact adhesive
Additive % solids Type Key Advantages
Texcryl MT-30 30 ± 2 HASE Thickener Efficient at low dosage
Texcryl T-60 29 ± 2 Acrylic Thickener Shows no flocculation
Texcryl T-110 20 ± 2 Ammonium Polyacrylate Thickener Easy flow for better handling
Texcryl D-50 30 ± 2 Polymeric Dispersing Agent Long molecular chain, providing high dispersing power
Texcryl WD-80 40 ± 1 Wetting & Dispersing Agent Improves color acceptance
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